Sadly, I do not know where I read about doing this, so I can only say this: it's not original. Someone else invented this, and I thank them, thank them, thank them. Are you ready? This is going to take about 30 seconds to describe and about one minute to carry out. It may transform your sugar use.

  1. Buy a vanilla bean (or two -- but this recipe uses one.)
  2. Set up your blender.
  3. Put 2 cups sugar, preferably organic white, into your blender.
  4. Use a small, sharp knife to cut one vanilla bean open lengthwise.
  5. Scrape the tiny gummy black seeds away from the hull of the bean (I use a teaspoon), and put the seeds into the sugar in the blender. Capture all of them. Rub them off the spoon and your fingers into the sugar.
  6. On medium speed, or higher if you like to live at high speed, blend until the sugar crystals have become finer and the vanilla bean seeds are dispersed throughout -- and until your kitchen smells like Vanilla Heaven -- about 45 seconds.
  7. Use immediately, or store in a tightly sealed glass or stainless steel container.
  8. Use the vanilla bean hulls for other purposes - perhaps adding to vodka or Bourbon to steep for flavoring drinks, custards, and anything that needs a little vanilla help.