Randal Rock of Country Rock Sorghum induced some longing and a bit of begging when he named his mother's pumpkin pie as his best bite of the past week during the 10-27-15 episode (listen here) of the Hot Water Cornbread radio show. Randal didn't know it at the time, but his mother's pie recipe included a magical two tablespoons of sorghum. Maybe it was the sorghum, plus the indescribable flavor a mother's love adds to made-from-scratch food, that accounted for the particular look in Randal's eye as he recalled eating the pie. And that led us to beg.

We asked Randal if his mother would share her recipe. He asked her. She generously wrote it out and shared. With gratitude and happiness, we present Sue Viers Rock's own recipe for her favorite pumpkin pie.