Smart, committed, young, under-capitalized (but with some family support) couple starts toward full-time, sustainable farming. Lynda Hopkins writes about their first year. Writes as well as farms. Her blog, also called "The Wisdom of the Radish," grew along with the vegetables she and her man Emmett learned how to nurture. She pruned and cultivated her blog posts into a four seasons story that has many familiar elements for anyone who has farmed: baby chicks, exhaustion, worry, grit, costly mistakes, exhilaration, partner disagreements and partner delights, death, exhaustion, exhaustion, and so much exhaustion one finally gets exhausted along with the narrator.

Actually, the exhaustion and all the predictable negatives generated enough reader anxiety to make me fear a little bit for the long-term survival of this farming enterprise, and even this farming couple. Perhaps those fears are not warranted. The blog continues, and apparently the farm and the couple do, too. Ideally the book and future books and writing projects generate some income that provides the lift any farm and farmers could use.

I have recommended this book to people interested in what farming is like. It's worth reading.

The Wisdom of the Radish: And Other Lessons Learned on a Small Farm, by Lynda Hopkins, published in 2011 by Sasquatch Books.