See the story about Susan and this fantastic cake that ran in the April, 2007 issue of Nougat Magazine. CAKE 5 large eggs, separated 2 cups Sugar ½ cup Crisco 1 stick Butter 1 tsp Vanilla 2 cup Flour [either cake flour or unbleached white] 1 tsp Soda 1 cup Buttermilk 1 cup Pecans ' which I grind to add in with the flour.

Combine Soda + Buttermilk. Beat 5 egg whites. Cream Sugar + Crisco + Butter. [I usually let this continue for min 5 mins til very light and fluffy.] Add Egg Yolks one at a time ' mix until light and fluffy. Add 2 cups Flour alternately with Buttermilk. Add Vanilla. Fold in Egg Whites.

Bake in 3 or 4 8oz or 9oz round pans. 325 degrees for 25 + mins A tooth pick needs to come out not too sticky. It is a moist cake but I cook it closer to 30-35 mins.

FROSTING 8 oz. Cream Cheese, softened ½ cup Butter 1 tsp Vanilla  - sometimes I also add ½ Almond flavoring too 1 lb. Confectionary Sugar [3 ¾+ cups] 1 cup Pecans, chopped ' I add these as decoration to the sides or top.

Add all together in the mixer and mix to your preferred consistency. This depends on how thick or thin you like for spreading it on... .not the easiest part of the process!

Spread thinly between each layer. Then on top and sides. GOOD  LUCK!!!