When my younger brother and I were small, Mother left the farm occasionally, either to visit her parents in Ashland, Kentucky, or to go to a Kentucky Farm Bureau Women's meeting in a Kentucky city. When Mother left, the house felt hollow and sad. Dad, who did little cooking at other times, seemed to know the situation called for something out of the ordinary. In little Monticello, Kentucky, he somehow found duck, or sometimes goose, and roasted it for us. Fast forward 50 years or so, and you might see us in Dad's kitchen, roasting a couple of ducks for his 88th, 90th, 92nd, 93rd, and 94th birthday meals. Roast Duck

Preheat the oven to 500 degrees.

Wash and dry the duck.  Put it in a heavy glass baking pan, with plenty of extra room around it.  Typically a 9" X 13" cake pan works well for one average sized domestic duck.

Put something delicious in the cavity: A lemon that has been pricked several times, or a quartered apple or onion, or a combination of these.

Place the duck in oven, and lower the heat immediately to 325 degrees.  Bake until tender, typically about 25 minutes per pound.  (The legs will wiggle freely in their sockets, and the skin should be browned and crispy.)

Remove, cool briefly, slice with as much skin as possible for each bite, and serve with a gravy or a fresh fruit chutney.