To Boil a turkey WIth Oysters (Oyster Stuffing)

From Mrs. Lettice Bryan's The Kentucky Housewife (1839)

This is an old fashioned way of dressing a turkey, but a very good one, to those who are fond of oysters. Clean and season your turkey as before directed, and fill it with a stuffing made in the following manner: Chop fine twenty large fresh oysters, mix with them a large handful of grated bread, four ounces of butter, a small handful of chopped parsley, a grated nutmeg, enough of the yolks of eggs and sweet cream to make it sufficiently moist, and work it with your hands till it is well mixed. Skewer the liver and gizzard to the sides, the legs to the body, dust and boil it as before directed. Serve it with a boat of oyster sauce, and have stewed fruit and boiled ham to eat with it.

From page 112 of the Applewood Books facsimile reprint.  Available here.