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Winter Watermelon, The Radical Version

Radish, radical, root. Cool, cooling. All related, when we're talking watermelon radish.

Elmwood Stock Farm's gorgeous watermelon radishes (pale green orbs that hide brilliant watermelon red centers) highlight this winter on Campsie. Especially when pickled, using the simplest recipe ever: Stir together 1/2 cup mild vinegar (we use rice), 1/4 cup sugar (we use organic) and 1 scant teaspoon salt until clear. Pour over thinly sliced radishes (or any other veg that needs a quick pickle.) Edible instantly, and onward for up to a week if refrigerated.

That juicy pickling liquid starts out nearly clear and quickly takes on Red Melon as its hue. Be brave and try a shrub drink—sugar, vinegar, fruit, enhanced, if you wish, with seltzer or alcohol or both. Or drop a freshly boiled, peeled egg into that leftover juice, leave for three days, and eat a gorgeous sweet-tart pickled pink egg.

Bonus: radish health benefits: here and here.

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