"While You Were Away..."

In the beginning, with generosity, steady support and constant effort, the stellar London Ferrill Community Garden in the heart of Lexington thrived. After five years, the effort ran into difficulties with funding and long-term planning, culminating in a decision to leave the land fallow for the 2014 growing season. "Fallow" meant a lot of weeds or, alternatively, a large free crop of healthy wild greens—hello, you frisky lambsquarters—along with some less edible plants.

In 2015, a year of conversation and consultation resulted in a new, long-term agreement between Seedleaf, Inc. and Christ Church. Slowly, as this garden and orchard space returns to full use, many fine plans support its purpose of feeding hungry people, inspiring wannabe gardeners and orchardists, teaching people of all ages about growing, cooking, preserving and recycling food—so much good.

But even while the scruffy look continues, and even though no one tended, trimmed, pruned, watered, supplemented, amended, or said a loving word to the established London Ferrill plants for at least 12 months, many have been faithful and steady.

The elderberries, for example, could hardly be more abundant this year. The healthy bushes boast untold numbers of the green fruit.

Read more about these elderberries here, and read Christ Church member and avid London Ferrill volunteer leader Bob Voll's reminiscence about making elderberry pies here.

And those wisps of grape vines some dedicated volunteers planted a few years ago? Two vines survived and promise fruit later this summer.

While we were away, Mother Nature stayed on the job. The abundance and beauty welcome us back. The continuity sustains hope for what this fine space will become for our community over the next ten years.

Rona Roberts2 Comments