What's Stirring, January 16, 2015

Round and round! Food events and opportunities keep coming. And, by the way, the Meyer Lemon Marmalade that caused fear and foreboding looks and tastes mighty fine after all.


Sarah Fritschner, regional food system architect, author, blogger and linchpin, brought more news of Owen County's  impressive state champion junior chefs: they won a further competition against professional chefs. Owen County High team masters cooking skills and turns pro—for the day. From Kentucky Living, December 2014.

During the week of January 19, the University of Kentucky invites all of us to attend open forums with three finalists for the director position at the new Food Connection.  Here's the message:

Food Connection Affiliates and Friends,
A search was opened in December for an Executive Director for the Food Connection.  We received a large number (65) of applications from a very strong group of candidates.  The Screening Committee and I selected 7 excellent applicants for phone interviews, then recommended 3 of these to the Directors for full interviews.  Those interviews will take place on-campus during the week of January 19.  Each candidate will participate in an open forum as follows:
Jan. 20 Lilly Brislen, doctoral candidate University of Kentucky
Jan. 21 Wayne Long, extension agent Jefferson County
Jan. 22 John-Mark Hack, Executive Director Local Food Association
Each forum will be held in the E.S. Good Barn from 1:45-3:00.  I hope you will be able to attend, meet the candidates and offer your feedback to the Screening Committee and the FC Directors.
Please forward this invitation to others interested in the Food Connection, or food systems in general.

 Thursday, January 22: The National Good Food Network invites us to Talk is Cheap... and Efficient, a 90 minute free webinar on building local food infrastructure without reliance on expensive food hubs.


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