What's Stirring, December 4, 2014

Kenny's "Ted" Farmhouse Cheese lands in Food & Wine magazine online as one of the nation's 10 best artisanal cheeses. Isn't that splendid?? It is a wonderful cheese, and how excellent to see Kentucky's growing cheese culture (yep) take its place alongside long-term artisanal cheese states like Vermont (source of six of the ten picks.)

Kenny Mattingly, center, of  Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese , meeting customers at the  2014 Kentucky Proud Incredible Food Show , Lexington, Kentucky

Kenny Mattingly, center, of Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese, meeting customers at the 2014 Kentucky Proud Incredible Food Show, Lexington, Kentucky

  • From now through December 28, Berea—which always holds a big piece of my heart—hosts something amazing: Make It, Take It, Give It. This is the most intriguing lineup of learn-and-make workshops I've ever seen. Blow your own glass ornaments or paperweight? Yes. Forge a tool, as in blacksmithing? Weave a rattan top on a footstool and take it home? Make your own cutting boards? All of the above, plus intriguing jewelry, crochet, art and many other quite seriously fun opportunities. Bereans know how to do amazing things, and they have invented a fine way to share and multiply what they know and do.
  • Fine holiday meals are underway in many of our favorite places, including Woodford Reserve, Midway School Bakery, and Holly Hill Inn. Go with friends or other dears.
  • As one who grew up in a house where mincemeat, with meat, occasionally showed up for the winter holidays, I enjoyed Lexington Herald-Leader writer Janet Patton's excellent story about Carrie Warmbier making mincemeat pies at the Midway School Bakery.
  • Central Kentuckians, please join me at the First Friday Sustainable Ag Breakfast (free, local, handmade by Chef Bob Perry and friends, sponsored by Good Foods Co-op) on December 5, 7:30 AM at the Fayette County Cooperative Extension Office, 1140 Red Mile Place (with plenty of parking.) Mark and Velvet Henkle of Henkle's Herbs & Heirlooms and I will share the podium for talk about Savoring Kentucky and about the Henkles' ingenious farm and production practices.
  • Upcoming Classic Kentucky Meals  fun events:

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