What's Stirring, April 2, 2014: April 1 Corrected and Expanded

It wasn't April Foolin' that made us do it. It was inattentiveness. We published the wrong date for the upcoming WILDFest yesterday. The right date is April 19, 2014. Thank you, JB, for the catch. We've also added to this Stirring.


Ticket prices go up after today, April 1, for the April 19 WildFest in Somerset, Kentucky (from $40 to $50.). Kentucky's first festival dedicated to wild and fermented foods comes from the indefatigable Jamie Aramini of Sustainable Kentucky and Cedar Creek Farm. Keynote speaker is Mr. Fermentation himself, Sandor Katz. Schedule here. [Date corrected from first posting. April 19!]

> Saturday, April 5, from 11 AM - 1:30 PM, enjoy the Bluegrass Edible Book Festival in at the Jessamine County Public Library in Nicholasville.

> That will be after you bask in the wonders of the April 5 Spring Kickoff at the Lexington Farmers Market downtown at Cheapside Pavilion (7 AM - 2 PM) on Saturday, and Sunday, April 6 on Southland Drive (10 AM - 2 PM.)

> And then if you want to be with urban chicken keepers, Seedleaf and CLUCK Lexington host a potluck dinner Saturday night, April 5, at the Plantory. See many wonderful opportunities to volunteer and take part in community work and life at Seedleaf's Volunteer and Events Calendar.

> Sunday, April 13, in Bowling Green: The Wishing Well: A Dream Incubator. Here's the agenda:

1. You Come With $20 Bucks
2. Listen to 3 Dreams in Need of $
3. We Eat & Vote
4. The Winner Gets the $

There are rules and details. Visit the facebook page for the full story.

> While you rest between all the outings, plan your summer canning and food preservation, and get gardening information from Margit's Garden, a Maryland site loaded with information, some of which comes with a fee ($29.75 for a year.) Yes, we can all google information about gardening and food preservation. This site collects a wealth of information in one place, though, and the information appears carefully curated and thoughtfully presented for ease of use.



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