What's Stirring (or frozen in place), January 10, 2015

It was 5 degrees F. when I got up at 6:30 AM this morning, and clear as good spring water. This is a market day in many Kentucky towns, even in winter, so the growers who faithfully bring fine Kentucky food to the Lexington Farmers Market, and many others across Kentucky, had been up for hours already, working in bitter cold. I think of them with gratitude, along with the thousands of growers and gardeners throughout the frozen land who are working today to water their chickens and turkeys, feed their cattle, keep their bees alive, care for their horses, and take steps, as they do every day, toward the next growing season. And I think of the growers whose 2014 crops fill our plates today, thanks to freezing, canning, drying, pickling, and preserving. We are a lucky people.

Reed Valley Orchard  blueberries, fresh in June, 2014, frozen and delicious in January 2015.

Reed Valley Orchard blueberries, fresh in June, 2014, frozen and delicious in January 2015.

Lots happens in the world of food in the cold winter months. Proof:

Eat Kentucky's Weekly Miscellany, Alan Cornett's delightful gift to all of us who like to know what's happening in Kentucky food and restaurants, this week brings the news that Thrillist has named my all-time favorite Louisville place to eat, Jack Fry's, as Kentucky's iconic restaurant.

LexEffect offers Chew, a series of four seasonal, central Kentucky 2015 farm-to-fork dinners. Buy tickets now.

January 25: Proof on Main in Louisville plans a January Indulgence Dinner: "The over-the-top menu will be packed with sinfully indulgent and delicious dishes, all served family-style and a la carte. The dinner will take place from 5:30pm – 10:00pm and reservations can be made by calling 502-217-6360. Super-indulgence required? Go for the whole Indulgence Package. Spend the night at legendary 21C Museum Hotel, have a massage, eat the Indulgence Supper...

Holly Hill Inn's Wine Guild and its incomparable guild master Steve Mancuso have already begun the year's series of intriguing tastings. Join (free) to get spectacular, informative e-newsletters about six wines each month, and then go taste them with other wine enthusiasts at one of four monthly tastings. $35 per tasting (cheeses included) if you want to choose some tastings and not others; $360 for an annual package that includes an extra tasting and other loyalty gifts, including being treated as an extra special person for special meals at Holly Hill Inn. See schedule and details here. (And email Steve Mancuso, steve@hollyhillinn.com, to enroll.) This year's theme is "Falling Into Place." Guild master Mancuso says,

"We've selected 24 of the world's greatest wine-producing regions and each month of Falling Into Place will compare the wines from two of them. For example, in January, we compared the wines from French river valleys of the Loire and the Rhône, the former running east-west in northwest France, the latter north-south in southeast France."

Even more astonishing, Around the World in 80 Days, the Holly Hill Inn's legendary series of meals from different countries each weekend, returns this year with even more adventurous cuisine options, including Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan. This series constitutes one of the most innovative, inventive, fun, challenging, and surprising culinary events in the country. Take advantage! 

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