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Savoring Kentucky showcases the wonders of Kentucky's food, farms, farmers, restaurants, chefs, distillers, brewers, orchards and markets. We applaud local food, its producers and champions. We delight in news of improvements in food and food systems. We take pleasure in fine food. We thank our wondrous sponsors for supporting our work and local goodness all around.

Some Happenings

Windy Corner Market, Wallace Station Deli, Midway School Bakery, and Holly Hill Inn all now offer gluten-free menus. Ribeye steak with a Windy Corner House Salad, followed by Blue Monday Sundae? Wallace Station Bluegrass Benedict Panini on gluten-free bread from Midway School Bakery? Yes, for me, please.

• The Kentucky Herb Association annual festival is this Saturday, May 18, at Lakeview Park, Franklin County Fairgrounds in Frankfort. Should be spicy.

• Louisville Chef Edward Lee has just opened a second restaurant, Milkwood, joining his acclaimed 610 Magnolia. He has a new cookbook, Smoke&Pickles: Recipes and Stories From a New Southern Kitchen, and a new baby. Kentuckians and Korean-American/Brooklyn-reared Lee embrace each other—more like bear-hug each other—as Lee describes in his book and in recent interviews here and here.

• And start planning how cute you will look with your asparagus headband at the May's Lick Asparagus Festival on May 18. You're going to be busy this weekend, with all the festival-going.

• Add in the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival/Bluegrass Stockdog Trials on May 18, with its first Farm-to-Table dinner featuring Jim Mansfield's luscious Katahdin lamb, supplied by Marksbury Farm Market. Pair your weekend tastes with local liquids at the first ever Craft Beer Week in Lexington and the Kentucky Wine and Vine Fest on May 18 in Nicholasville, and you can fill your weekend plate and glass to overflowing with the fabulous tastes and textures of Kentucky. Savor them all!

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