We Vote With Our Fork And Spoon

It takes extra effort, even in the city, even with a working furnace and "city water" and electricity and gas service that did not fail, to come through a weekend like the one nature just served up. Nighttime temps in single digits; daytime not much better. What happens to all the small buds and optimistic shoots that appeared a week ago? We don't know yet. The sweet first crocuses of the year, below, seem so last week.

We do not depend on our back yard to sustain us, though it helps. We depend on the growers all around us, whose farms were colder than our town lots. We'll eat and share Elmwood Stock Farm 2015 vegetables today—a tomato/sweet pepper sauce for Weisenberger cornmeal-based polenta—and we will hope and trust our essential growers and producers have come through another challenge and will be well in this warming week.

Here in central Kentucky it is wonderful to be able to eat what our regional growers produce, even in winter. All of us can help producers thrive by supporting winter CSAs, patronizing the Saturday year-round Lexington Farmers Market in Cheapside Pavilion, and buying local food through Good Foods Coop. Bite by bite, we either support our local growers and strengthen the emergent regional food economy, or we don't.

Sponsors included in this post: Elmwood Stock Farm and Good Foods Coop. Thank you! Readers, if you like Savoring Kentucky, do business with our sponsors, all of whom support the earth, community and an equitable local food economy in extraordinary ways.

Rona RobertsComment