Wallace Station: Reuben Happiness

Let's say you've been to a meeting in Midway or Woodford County or Versailles, and it's 11 AM somewhere, so a Reuben sandwich comes to mind. But let's complicate things by saying you have a gluten sensitivity, and so your mind begins its habitual naysaying, pushing "sandwich" out of your gluten-free brain to restore inner peace and equanimity. But then!!!! Let's say you remember that nearby Wallace Station Deli & Bakery can use Midway School Bakery's amazing homemade gluten-free bread for any of its sandwiches, and that bread...it holds its own.

It looks like, tastes like, and feels like bread. And so let's say you go to Wallace Station, where they do indeed offer freshly made gluten-free bread from two miles away, and they can indeed make a salty, savory, umami, crunchy, saucy Reuben sandwich. Which they do, so kindly, and with such sweet service, that you may find yourself thinking of those Reuben sandwiches when you are in other counties, other states, and other countries, not just when Wallace Station waits just down the road. Lovely, lovely place.

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Rona RobertsComment