Walking Around The Year

Preparing to make a quick pickle—about which more later—I visited the Gardener's plots just outside the back door, all put to bed for winter except for the greenery of next year's garlic and several frozen green onion spikes. Walking Onion, Egyptian Onion, Potato Onion, Multiplying Onion (or my favorite, "Arithmetic Onion")—once the Gardener started growing these, we have green onion tops available most of the year. If you want to start your own year-round onions, visit Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.

Here's what I tugged out of the frozen earth:

Otherworldly, isn't it? Each little green shoot is its own self, a distinct onion plant. And all those roots.

The wonderful Jean Pitches Keene of Blue Moon Farm told me once that she had learned that garlic roots are delicious and edible, so I cleaned and used the many thready root strands of this onion clump. Pungent!

Greens, bulbs and roots of a multiplying onion from the Campsie garden, January 2016.

Greens, bulbs and roots of a multiplying onion from the Campsie garden, January 2016.

Photo credit: Steve Kay. Thank you

Photo credit: Steve Kay. Thank you

Last week the Gardener posted on facebook a photo of turnips he had just harvested. He included a caption about closing the garden. But the garden seems to remain open. At least the savory, herb-y and aromatic parts do.

It's 18 degrees at the moment. I'm cooking my first ever tamale pie for tonight's Cornbread Supper—and more on that later, too. The teeniest bit of thyme and rosemary from the Campsie garden will play a role in the stew-y part of this hearty dish. I harvested the herbs today. Because they're there.


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