The Year of the Persimmon

A wonder and a joy, and something unprecedented: Kentucky persimmons in January, fresh from the tree.


So far, each day of 2019 I walk to the Living Arts and Science Center, pull a perfectly ripe persimmon off a tree and eat it, marveling.


Here’s nature’s pudding, not beautiful but bountiful in 2018 beyond any other year.


Thank you.

Mother Nature, for everything

Sherry Maddock, for her heart, vision and sheer effort

Living Arts and Science Center, for planting native food-bearing trees on precious center-city land

Klausing Group, for caring for the trees on the LASC grounds

Nolin River Nut Nursery, for first nurturing the trees



Sherry Maddock and LASC Director Heather Lyons talk about re-naturing our city: Hot Water Cornbread Podcast 23

Rona RobertsComment