The Wonders of Sorghum Caramels

It's not that we need more sweets right now. It's that some sweets are superior enough to deserve hand-crafting once a year and giving to deserving, well-behaved loved ones, oh, maybe in quantities of six or fewer, because they are so rich and delicious. These are not some splendidly decorated cookie, more beautiful to hold than to bite. These rather humble-looking amber caramels look plenty good—for a caramel—but boast no adornments other than a siren-ish sheen (that would be the cream and butter) and a slightly yielding texture (and that would be the magic of carefully cooked sorghum, sugar and syrup).

The Best Man says of these, "They improve on both sorghum and caramel," though I realize some of us think no improvement necessary on either of these two tan tastes. I am no candy-making expert, but have found these manageable, with a candy or digital thermometer. The individual hand-wrapping can be tedious if you are rushing, terrific if you share the work with high-spirited dears, and tranquility itself if you approach the task on your own with plenty of time, a warm drink and a spirit-soothing soundtrack.

My first book, Sweet, Sweet Sorghum, more a "Sorghum 101" than a cookbook, includes only eight recipes, and one is for Sorghum Caramels. I've republished the recipe here.


Bonus: Some sources for pure, sweet sorghum syrup here.


Rona RobertsComment