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The Richness of a (Gluten-Free) Po'Boy

I have never loved sandwiches, or even most bread, with exceptions here and there for extra-chewy or extra-fresh, or extra-amazing sourdough. Not being bread-centric makes a necessarily gluten-free life much easier.

Still, one hankers after the occasional grilled cheese. When Midway School Bakery's Carrie Warmbier announced she had perfected a gluten-free sandwich loaf, I took notice. Yesterday, I took bites. And it is wonderful.

Our little household traveled the 17 beautiful minutes to Windy Corner Market for two of their signature Po-Boy sandwiches (we both chose shrimp), two multi-color salads from nearby Berries on Bryan, and one $25 check, thanks to Windy Corner's participation in Lexington's first, quite amazing, restaurant week, Beyond Grits.

I'll never be a daily sandwich eater, but last night I envisioned a new semi-annual Po-Boy ritual, perhaps featuring alternating between shrimp and oysters as the featured protein. Carrie's bread tastes and feels good, and the sandwich innards pack a lot of sloppy, crunchy, messy, gooey flavors—tastes and textures that are not often on my plate.

Midway School Bakery sells the gluten-free sandwich loaves with 24-hour notice. Call 859.846.4336. Several other gluten-free pastries, including scones and muffins, will make you happy without a prior phone call. The regular, wheat-y offerings, and excellent coffee, make the Bakery a fine destination for all.

Carrie Warmbier has considerably eased the "living without" aspects of avoiding gluten. She developed her own replacement flour, as Sharon Thompson reported: “The gluten in the gluten-free baked goods is replaced with a mixture of sorghum flour, tapioca starch, garbanzo flour, potato starch and white fava bean flour." It's a winner, and I am already thinking about my fried oyster Po' Boy, coming up in only six months!

Central Kentuckians: Beyond Grits continues through August 3. Get out there! 


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