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The Good Foods-Alfalfa Big Event Mash-up

Both Good Foods Coop (age 41) and Alfalfa Restaurant (age 40) held monumental events on Sunday, April 27, both starting at 4 PM. At Good Foods, the occasion was the AOM, the annual meeting of owners (now 6400+), at which members choose new board members, amend bylaws, enjoy a feast of Good Foods good food, and (this year) win 52 door prizes.

Good Foods Coop owners gather for the 2013 annual dinner and meeting

In addition, the historically large crowd at this years' AOM learned about the status of a major visioning project now nearing completion. In the time allotted for questions and comments, owners asked about financial decisions and the number of board members, closing with a testimonial by a member who had once picketed the AOM in defense of veganism, then moved away and came to view the Coop (or, more accurately, Good Foods Market & Café) as remarkable.

Good Foods owners learned about the progress of the 2013 visioning project.

Meanwhile...down on Main Street Alfalfa opened its doors to a huge crowd, in party mood, all come to connect and reconnect, celebrate, eat iconic Alfalfa delicacies, enjoy live music and art, and, of course, dance. See a bit of the fun in the rough video below. For email subscribers, you will probably need to click here to see the 90-second video. 

Sadly, this short project does not include one of the three fantastic bands, nor any of owner Jim Happ's recognitions and appreciations, because....duh....Savoring Kentucky had left to go to the Coop AOM while these things were going on. We do what we can.

But then, after the Coop AOM ended, all the Alfal-fans danced on, using the splendid party space in the Downtown Arts Center's Black Box Theater as well as the restaurant itself and the DAC lobby. And the sweet thing? Coop and Alfalfa leaders, happy together.

Good Food Coop board president Evelyn Knight and Alfalfa supporter-in-chief Anita Courtney

Good Foods General Manager Anne Hopkins and Alfalfa co-owner Jake Gibbs. Jake once worked at Good Foods.

To those who launched these two great central Kentucky institutions more than 40 years ago, and to all who have sustained them and do the hard work of keeping them vital and fresh for all of us today—thank you.

Alfalfa Restaurant and Good Foods Market & Cafe sponsor Savoring Kentucky. How lucky are we??

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