The Best Tasting, Best Sounding Saturday Ever

I need to be five people this weekend. So do you. We have so much to do! An ingenious planner with a big imagination could learn about a new form of agriculture, taste new foods, write a poem about it, jump into a mud run to stir up more creative juices, listen to new bands play new music, invent some song lyrics, look at new art, dance outdoors in both north or south Lexington, eat a 10-course/five hour meal, recover Sunday morning at an epic Hangover Breakfast, and still have miles of poetry and music and art and food tasting to go.

  • Crave Lexington, the inaugural edition of Smiley Pete's "all things from scratch"  food and music festival. Free admission, music all day, lots of free food demos all day (I'm doing Sorghum Drizzles and Dressings at noon on Stage A) and affordable tastes ($1, $3, and $5) from 60 local food vendors, including food trucks.
  • The Kentucky Women Writers Conference offers its 34th edition, if I'm doing the math correctly, with public-private sponsors (including Smiley Pete!)  Some of the juiciest, most intriguing parts of the conference are free.
  • Cooperative Extension presents the first free Follow the Food tour of urban farms and markets in Fayette County, starting with breakfast at FoodChain (which is a beneficiary of Crave...)  
  • WRFL's astonishing (and free) Boomslang Festival of music and art and creativity and color turns five this weekend, which makes it a graceful young adult in festival terms. New this year as part of Boomslang: the second north Lexington Night Market , an all ages event. Whether you go to any Boomslang events or not, check out their stellar website.
  • Friday is the first Gallery Hop of the fall season.  
  • If none of these edifying delights is to your taste, perhaps you would like something a bit grittier: the WUKY-UK Army ROTC Bluegrass Mud Run at Commonwealth Stadium. This event has a pricetag.

Whether we plan a detailed agenda or choose to walk out our doors and let smells and sounds guide us to chance happiness, the opportunities for savoring our beautiful Bluegrass life will be at their peak. Watery and soil-based farms, markets, chefs, cooks, singers, poets, pickers, trolleys, writers, chickens, bands, food trucks, screaming guitars, publishers, all day tastes, all night music, lectures, pig and lamb breakdowns—all happening on the same days and nights, all in Fayette County.

Let's credit the opportunity many ambitious organizers saw in a September Saturday that features no football, no racing, no special religious holiday. And look what happens! Just every kind of food, music, mud, art and fun.

If you want to pitch in, FoodChain needs volunteers to help staff their booth at Crave Lexington. Sign up here, and be part of it all. 

Rona Roberts1 Comment