"That was just like a beautiful dream:" At Shaker Village, Guest Chef Ouita Michel Serves Up a Beautiful local, Classic Kentucky Meal

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A contented guest walked slowly—dreamily—out of the garden at Shaker Village in darkest blue twilight last Saturday night, and said: "That was just like a beautiful dream." Shaker Village staff and kitchen wizards, with Chef Ouita Michel guesting in the kitchen, used their magnificent setting to showcase a beautiful, locally sourced meal based on Classic Kentucky Meals. Thank you, thank you, everyone who worked hard to grow, prepare and serve the food, and all the guests who came to enjoy it.

A sold-out crowd for the Classic Kentucky Meal at Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill last week, with guest chef Ouita Michel.

I have to be honest: the absolutely most spectacular, dream-like experience of the evening unfolded in the sky, not on the table. A moment before I shot this photo, a giant, golden, full moon rose above the garden's east end. As it did, a splendid skein of geese flew south, calling to each other, and perhaps to us, as their silhouettes spread in a vee across the face of the moon.

Servers had just placed Shaker Village apple crisp in front of us, topped with specially delivered Bourbon Honey Crank & Boom ice cream. This required christening our brilliant new light source the Bourbon Honey Moon.

The people, the food, the mood, the moon, the geese with their reminder of summer's end. . . Just the kind of wonder that I associate with this most beloved place.

Shaker Village plans more special "Fresh Food Adventure" meals in 2015. See the full calendar here.

In the video below, follow the light as it changes from sunny late summer afternoon, through a glorious sunset at the west end of the table, the rising glow of the many candles, and then the ascending Bourbon Honey Moon at the east end of the garden.

"Sounds of the rude world, heard in the day,
Lulled by the moonlight have all passed away."
                                      --Stephen Collins Foster

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