Tea and trends: 13 for 2013

A tisane of hot lemonade, sweetened with sorghum and fired with red peppers: an old cold remedy (sometimes aided by a bit of rum or Bourbon) that may turn trendy again in 2013

Our interest in tea will steepen in 2013, according to at least two food trends predictors. New popcorns will burst upon us. We will spike more foods with smoke and fire new taste buds with the next evolution of hot sauces.

For the Huffington Post, Joe Satran included these among 13 select food trends that showed up on more than one 2013 trend list. I read many lists myself, and like his selection. In addition to The Satran 13, several lists I read included a continued focus on local, fresh, seasonal food.

Although I have not seen this on any trend lists, drink options keep expanding, even as the soda sizes begin shrinking back toward moderate. Bourbon, locally made wines, artisanal beers, and house-made flavored seltzers add flavors and choices unavailable even five years ago. And the tea trend rings true. In 2012 I found myself often at Lexington's Montea, enjoying naturally caffeine-free rooibos flavors as well as fine black teas blended by Kentucky-based national tea leaders Elmwood Inn Fine Teas.