Southern SAWG Makes Your Life Better

To have the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group in town is to welcome the most important people in our world: those who feed us perfectly grown food while making soil, water and air better. It's like having the International Olympics Committee or the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences or the National Collegiate Athletic Association in town—except Southern SAWG is matters more. 

Because how do we get food? We either grow it, find it, or buy it. Most people reading this post buy most of their food. When you buy from Southern SAWG members, you buy the best, and you vote for earth's future. Simple and profound.

Sustainably grown Kentucky food

Sustainably grown Kentucky food

You can walk up and register for any part of Southern SAWG's amazing conference this week. Read and salivate over the full conference schedule. Fill out the registration form here (scroll down) and bring it to the Lexington Convention Center here

More reasons to go: Southern SAWG showcases practitioners teaching practitioners. The people in front of the room or leading tours on farms and campuses practice sustainable agriculture. They value learning from each other, growing new understanding of the intricacies and wonders of topics like seed saving and permaculture and mixed species grazing—and they faithfully share what they know. Women and people of color lead many sessions, bringing the healthy principle of diversity into play even in conference management.

Here's a sample of deep learning opportunities from each day of Southern SAWG, January 25-28, one option from among many offered each day:

  • Wednesday, January 25 Short Courses (all day intensives): Mixing and Matching Cattle, Sheep and Goats on Pasture, with instructors Ann Wells of Ozark Pasture Beef, LLC (AR) and Greg Brann, USDA/NRCS (TN).
  • Thursday, January 26 Field Trip: Permanent Culture: Creating a Commercial Permacuture Farm, at Salamander Springs Farm in Kentucky's Appalachian Foothills, with Susana Lein
  • Friday, January 27 90-minute concurrent session: Save on Farm Costs Through Farmer-to-Farmer Sharing, presented by Frank Taylor (MS) and Tim MacAller (NC)
  • Saturday, January 28 90-minute concurrent session: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Raising Pastured Poultry, presented by Andre Barbour (KY)

Add in seed swapping, a trade show, a Taste of Kentucky banquet, state networking sessions, keynote addresses and thousands of rich conversations over coffee, in hallways, over lunches.

If you are interested in sustainable agriculture as its most expert practitioners understand it, this is the week to be at Southern SAWG's Annual Conference and Trade Show at Lexington's Convention Center. 

Bonus for reading this far: Tuesday, January 24 at 12 PM ET, Chefs Ouita and Chris Michel and I host SSAWG Executive Director Steve Muntz and grower Jane O'Tiernan on Hot Water Cornbread: Kentucky Food Radio at Lexington Community Radio's WLXU 93.9 LP FM. Watch this space for the post of the podcast from that show.

Bonus Bonus: Southern SAWG events and ties improve the knowledge and skills of growers who work primarily at small and medium scale, increasingly recognized as the most productive and sustainable scale for the earth's future. 



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