So Which Is It About Farming? Probably All Of The Above

Is farming....

So much work children don't want to follow their parents onto the farm? So say some children of first generation farmers, according to this recent NPR story.

Or so compelling adults of retirement age make up one-third of new farmers in some contexts? So says this New York Times story.

Sheep and lambs at Elmwood Stock Farm, Scott County, Kentucky.

I hope good farmers want to keep feeding us! I am in the last month of work on a new cookbook that includes profiles of ten Kentucky farmers and producers, and showcases a few dozen others. I'm buried in work, fretting a bit over a deadline. . . and concerned over work that has to be accomplished by wrestling with words and images in an air-conditioned room. Punctuate that with visits to farms and processors so enjoyable I can't even take in all the goodness. And contrast it with the work of the people I've been visiting. Many of them get by on less than five hours sleep, work outside in 90-plus degree temperatures, lift 100 pounds or more often, can't take time to pick and prepare their own food, and still say they love what they do. They still greet and welcome visitors with grace and generosity. And I'm more amazed than ever at the energy, stamina, and pure stubbornness it takes to be a farmer or small scale food producer in Kentucky.

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