Sheep and Fiber Festival: A Fine Weave

The Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival, coming up this weekend (May 19-20, 2013) shows Kentucky's goodness and potential as an agrarian haven, complete with natural grace and beauty. This young festival, along with the Mays Lick Asparagus Festival (coming up the third weekend in May) showcase true Kentucky: what we grow, the cheerful generosity of our people, and the abundance of possibility for our future.

The Sheep and Fiber Festival builds on and shares a venue with the long running Bluegrass Stockdog Trials, featuring "the most brilliant dogs in North America."

I loved the Festival the first time I went, in 2011.


So many ways to learn by seeing, talking, taking workshops. See this year's schedule of events.


Sullivan University Culinary Arts students conducted a sophisticated, timed, video-supported lamb cooking competition. That competition happens each year. Festival organizer Dianne MacDonald (the wonder woman behind the beautiful blog Sheep Dreams and much more) has worked steadily to increase the local food facet of the festival.

This year, the festival features a Farm-to-Table Dinner. Come enjoy Kentucky's bounty, and stick around to hear my after-dinner talk. I plan to do my own weave of information and stories behind the food and the event.

I appreciate this festival and its organizers, sponsors, and contributors. I am excited to be part of it.

Rona RobertsComment