Scott County Dairywoman Linda Stone Nudges Us Forward

Linda Stone's perfect A2/A2 Jersey milk at her Brook-Lin farm in Scott County has delighted savvy Kentuckians for years. Early in 2015 she asked a couple of her good friends to lunch to talk about women, agriculture, and wellness. They quickly expanded the invitation list to 20 people. Word spilled out, and 60 of Linda's closest friends and admirers showed up on January 26, overwhelming Wilshire's Restaurant in the lovely restored 18th Century stone building that once was General John Payne's home.

The Wilshire family restored the building and opened the restaurant; the Dames, one assumes, placed the plaque.

Women who farm, work in wellness, own small businesses, and want to boost Scott County's economy came out in force.

At every table, women met and talked about food, drink, health, wellness, and business.

Signing in, sharing contact information.

Lots of small businesses and services brought information to share.

The General John Payne restaurant, like many wonderful old houses, features several different floor levels, with steps between them. The "Watch your step" sign on the left below, which hangs on one doorway in the restaurant, reminded me of somewhat similar signs on Linda Stone's farm, right below.

Linda's small farm looks good, smells good, and welcomes visitors. Linda's way of farming and educating those of us who like to eat and drink excellent local food reflect her education at Cornell,  her lifelong commitment to healthy land, cows, milk and people, her energy and sense of humor. No wonder 60 women came to a lunch Linda organized. Add this week's event, and Linda Stone's increasing focus on the public side of agriculture policy and wellness, to the long list of reasons for optimism about the ways sustainable agriculture and committed people are improving Kentucky's local economies and contributing to Kentuckians' good health.  

Rona Roberts2 Comments