Scenes From A Photo Shoot

A new book is in the works, making me happy, keeping me hopping, and creating a gazillion opportunities for other people to demonstrate their astonishing generosity, goodness, love of our Commonwealth, kindness, and commitment to life and beauty. I'll share more as things unfold. Here are a few amateur snaps of a day dedicated to Sarah Jane Sanders's exquisite photographic work. (Photos here are mine; Sarah Jane's will be in the book.) With gratitude for all who are helping, cheering this project on, putting their own precious life energy into it—it's pure Kentucky. You'll see.

Flowers and candles at the ready, making an impromptu shrine to some of our beloved friends and constant inspirations.

My grandmother Rona's rose, a polyanthus type, cut long as Teresa Biagi of Hazelfield Farm advises. Sidekicks of Abraham Darby rose and fragrant mock orange.

Libby Kelly Allen begins to work her stylish magic on the table.

Hmmmm.....somehow the spring onions, the poblano and red peppers, the Strawberry-Rhubarb goodness, the little carefully wrapped packet of Hood's Heritage bacon, the cocktail gizmos and the First Fresh Olive Oil, the Elmwood Stock Farm eggs....all are going to get along well and make people happy?

Kentucky chickens the way Ruth Roberts baked them, and corn enhanced the way Noah Oliphant taught me. So three generations show up in one photo. Food is like that.

Campsie garden garlic scapes and green onions ready to add their mild, spring-y, pungent flavors. Elmwood Stock Farm organic strawberries in the background.

Room in grey and white; flowers in flower colors; artists in black and denim—everything just right.

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