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Baby food: broccoli and salmon

Baby food: broccoli and salmon

Mostly I leave my loved ones out of my food writing, since I figure they didn't sign up to have their lives become more public just because I wanted to host a food blog. Given that a lot of the best eating experiences happen when eating with loved ones, sometimes I regret this choice, but I do think it's wisest in the long run.

I'm flexing my rule just enough to share one of several meals I recently saw served to a precious one-year old grandchild (who also still gets some nutrients from bottles.) I kept snapping baby meal photos because the food looked like art on a plastic tray, and because the whole approach struck me as brilliant.

Our children are better parents than I ever was. When our sons were small, we did feed them the same real foods we ate, and they did eat all kinds of foods alongside us and their other parents throughout their childhood. I'm fairly sure, though, that for a one-year old, I was still grinding real food in the Happy Baby Food grinder, and then spooning it into a little mouth, rather than simply chopping fine bits of our food onto a clean surface and watching a delighted child feed himself bits of broccoli and salmon.

Messy, yes, and spectacular, even without extrapolating to the ways such food and food habits will help children thrive.