Oh Yes—Eggs!

In case you have lots of hard-boiled eggs on hand, set up teams in the kitchen and hold a deviled egg competition. Southern Living shares 20 Ways With Deviled Eggs. The New York Times's inimitable Mark Bittman suggests three deviled options and nine other great ideas for savoring hard-boiled eggs in Get Cracking.

You may find your neighbors or farmers' market offering eggs from hens that add natural color to their egg shells. Cherish these!

Egg salad made from nothing more than hard-boiled eggs and homemade mayonnaise adds simple happy lusciousness to any day. Grate the eggs on the large holes of a box grater to get a scrumptious texture.

Add what's handy—like spring green onion tops—if you like.

Access to perfect, healthy eggs from small farms and backyards marks one of the great improvements in local food systems in the last 10 years. Eggs offer good, no-waste protein that's affordable even at the top of the price range, and their uses in the kitchen approach infinity. Nothing beats an egg. (Ahem.)

Rona RobertsComment