New Purposes for Money and Connections

Sometimes we get lucky and a lot of promising ideas and intriguing people come into our lives. I am easily inspired, which can be a curse, particularly when coupled with a strong tendency toward bracing for the worst to happen—aka pessimism.

Lately, I'm absorbed in the possibilities for expanding sustainable agriculture—aka saving the world—by inventing new structures for investment in small food enterprises. I'm reading Woody Tasch's book, Inquiries Into the Nature of Slow Money, and appreciating particularly his concentration on cultivating relationships as well as soil. Not that soil is an afterthought; for Tasch and many others who have the vision to save the planet, soil fertility is the ultimate focus.

In central Kentucky, we have our own community-building, economy-nudging, relationship-stoking visionary, Debra Hensley, inventor of Debra's Social Stimulus: "People, Planet, Purpose." Here she is, appropriately wearing her garden gloves, at her trend-setting State Farm Insurance Agency in Lexington, Kentucky.

Debra Hensley, State Farm Insurance Agent, founder of Debra's Social Stimulus, former Urban County Council member, founder of  The Plantory , co-founder of  Just Fund Kentucky , world changer.

Debra Hensley, State Farm Insurance Agent, founder of Debra's Social Stimulus, former Urban County Council member, founder of The Plantory, co-founder of Just Fund Kentucky, world changer.

Debra's Social Stimulus presents an event on Friday, May 10, 2013 that brings people together for fun, food, and fellowship (hello, connection) in a place that can use the boost (and hi there, new uses of money). The topic, like all DSS themes, needs more public understanding and commitment if we intend to live in a great society: one that offers abundant, tender care for all of us. Here's an excerpt from the event description:

Get ready for an evening of stimulating conversation, and a film with a "touch of harmony"! Join us for light bites, cocktails, and treats as we prepare for the limited screening of the multi-award winning film, Gen Silent.

This magnificent film depicts what life is like for an elderly member of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community and the struggles they face which force many to go "back in the closet" from fear of discrimination. The documentary was produced and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Stu Maddux.

This event's spotlight non-proft is Nursing Home Ombudsman Agency of The Bluegrass (NHOAB). NHOAB has been an extremely influential and helpful agency in aiding the aging LGBT community. During the social there will be a silent auction with all proceeds benefiting NHOAB.

This edition of Debra Hensley's Social Stimulus begins at 5:30 on May 10 at the beautiful, restored Lyric Theatre & Cultural Arts Center, 300 E. Third Street. This event, like all DSS events, is free. Bring money, though, so you can join Debra in supporting the work of the Nursing Home Ombudsman Agency of the Bluegrass.

While we're talking about money (and, way back there, sustainable agriculture and soil fertility and other goodness) if you're an owner of Good Foods Market & Café, Owner Discount Days are this week, May 8-12. That means 10 percent off one order. Pretty great!

Debra's Social Stimulus and Good Foods Market & Café sponsor Savoring Kentucky.

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