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New Love: The Newburyport Farmers Market

Every farmers' market makes my heart lift. I can feel a smile coming as I walk up to the square-topped white tents, the clusters of people tasting, buying, filling their cloth bags.

Every market has goodness to discover, usually backed by a soundtrack of local music, and often featuring a smelltrack of fresh-cooked omelets or barbecue or freshly ground coffee. Every market has tired growers, smiling anyway, talking about this wet year's garlic failure or how to cook the salsify.

And then, each market, each time it opens, offers particular delights. I lucked into visiting a new farmers' market this week: Newburyport Farmers' Market in Massachusetts.

See the carrots in the photo above? I bought some of these sweeties from Plough in the Stars Farm in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Later I realized the carrots look just like the woodcut of carrots on the home page of the Newburyport Farmers' Market.

The carrot joined these beautiful foods on our Salisbury Beach table this week:

A fine gluten-free chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips from a bakery I failed to identify when shopping.

So this week we savored the flavors of Amesbury, Groton, and Ipswich, Massachusetts, as well as Bedford, Canterbury, Greenland and South Hampton, New Hampshire.  All are near Salisbury Beach, where we cook each day in the ocean breeze (we hope!) Most growers and producers follow sustainable farming practices and offer nutrient-dense, healthful preparations.

Thank you to the vendors of Newburyport Farmers' Market for our beautiful food this week. We will add a short video slideshow tomorrow, in tribute to all these hard-working people produce and offer from 9 AM to 1 PM every Sunday in the growing season and twice a month during the winter ("Snow or Shine") at the Tannery



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