"My Life There Has Its Own Wings..."* More Home Goodness

More of the goodness of home, after travel, starting with my first trip back to the Lexington Farmers Market downtown 36 hours after arriving back in Lexington, where, among many happenings, this shone:

Smack in the middle of the aisle under the pavilion's protection, Bluegrass Farm to Table (that's Local Food Coordinator Ashton Potter Wright near the center of the photo, in glasses, big smile, waving) offered samples of splendid melons and accepted donations to expand the reach of Lexington's new Bluegrass Double Dollars initiative. Bluegrass Double Dollars increases the amount of money SNAP recipients can spend on locally grown produce.

Those other shiny people with Ashton, working toward good goals? To Ashton's right, Andrea James, LEEEP project consultant with Blue Grass Community Foundation and former member of the Lexington Fayette Urban County Council, and to Ashton's left, Nathan Dickerson, legislative aide to Lexington Vice Mayor Steve Kay (who boasts more than one identity at Savoring Kentucky, including, on occasion, The Gardener).

To complete this sweet community picture by naming even more names, there's Scott Shapiro in the light green tee, looking for his best melon taste, while one of his fine sons (in bright orange) jumps in to enjoy local watermelon. Scott is senior advisor to Lexington's mayor Jim Gray.

When communities invest in USDA-facilitated Double Dollars programs, they help stabilize the small local farms and food producers who are key to our food self sufficiency. Lexington is on its way. Nationally, SNAP recipient spending with local growers has resulted in a sixfold increase in the total dollars going to the growers since 2008, to $18.8 million in 2014. Sweet as a Kentucky melon! Thank you, all who are working on Double Dollars in Lexington, in Kentucky and around the country, and all of you who are investing and supporting it.

The Gardener and I will be cooking up funds for Bluegrass Double Dollars this fall: Double Dollar Doughnut Day on October 10 will feature favorite blog recipe Mimi and Gramps's Homemade Doughnuts from 10 AM - 12 noon at our house. $15 donation. Contact me for more information.

*Title is excerpted from "Home," by Karla Bonoff, a song Bonnie Raitt sings mighty well.


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