Make Sorghum Ordinary

Prize-winning cake at national sorghum association annual meeting 2012 Here's the prize-winning cake (something like "Nutty Ginger Cake with Toffee Sauce") at the annual meeting of the National Sweet Sorghum Producers and Processors Association. I don't have the recipe yet, but will share if I do get access to it.

I came to NSSPPA to speak about why I wrote Sweet, Sweet Sorghum. I got pressed into service (it did not take much pressing) as a food judge. Lucky me, as usual.

Sweet Sorghum producers and processors at their annual meeting

I told the sizable crowd that I see the NSSPPA's mission as "Keep Sorghum Pure" and "Keep Sorghum Coming." I told them I wrote Sweet, Sweet Sorghum to "Make Sorghum Ordinary." I then daydreamed out loud, with witnesses, about the future I envision for sweet sorghum syrup.

I'd like sorghum to become a ubiquitous option as a sweetener, available anywhere, and I'd like it to be home cooks' sweetener of choice. When sorghum is ordinary, its presence will be so widespread we will take it for granted on tables and condiment counters, in recipes, at markets and stores, in communities' agricultural enterprises and education efforts, and on land grant universities' research agendas.

Randal Rock of Country Rock Sorghum wins 2012 grand championship

Randal Rock, above, is president of the NSSPPA and cook for the duo who make Country Rock Sorghum in Woodford County, Kentucky. Randal got a surprise when he learned that a panel of anonymous judges had awarded the grand championship prize for the best sorghum in the USA in 2012 to...Country Rock Sorghum. So Randal presented the prize to himself. Second prize went to Townsend's Sweet Sorghum, Jeffersonville, Kentucky. The judges chose the winners from among 45 national entries.

Savoring Kentucky applauds the judges' decisions, and we note happily that both Country Rock and Townsend figure prominently in the photos and information featured in Sweet, Sweet Sorghum. These people make wonderful sorghum syrup that, despite my wishes, will never be ordinary.