My 2014 Kentucky Proud Incredible Food Show: Short, Sweet, and Savory

Life got in the way of indulging in a full day at the Kentucky Proud Incredible Food Show on Saturday. I spent less than an hour in a small section of the 100 Aisle, picking up a special order of cute 3-ounce Country Rock Sorghum bottles. Be nice to me and you might get to see one and taste its contents—or buy your own at Good Foods Co-op, among many other locations.

Jill Rock and Randal Rock, part of the Country Rock Sorghum enterprise. Jill holds maple syrup and Randal holds sorghum, both vintage 2014.

Country Rock now makes Kentucky maple syrup each year, too. Experienced farmers and artisans making ever better products and branching out into new foods, brand new farm and food products, a 200 year-old salt works resurrected last year in West Virginia—all that goodness stood within a 100-foot radius of the Country Rock booth. I rushed around and bought some wonders to bring home.

Country Rock maple syrup, Nate's Coffee (Sumatra), Wildcat Mountain cheeses from East Bernstadt, Kentucky, and J. Q. Dickinson salt from Malden, West Virginia

Actually, there was no rushing. There was almost no moving at all, except by inches, and with a lot of cooperation from the other people near, among whom one had to squish and slide. The place was packed, actually too small for the crowd when I was there. Imagine that! Well done, Incredible Food Show!

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