It's A Luscious World

Elmwood Stock Farm CSA boxOn Saturday, I picked up the third of five CSA boxes in Elmwood Stock Farm's first winter CSA. The plump veggies above, smelling of earth, are one layer of one portion of this week's "share." Big bags of fresh red-stemmed spinach, collards, and broccoli filled the box to the top. A separate parcel of farm-frozen fruits and vegetables completed the bounty.

So much food, from a farm I love that is 17 miles from my house, in March, perhaps the toughest local food month of all: I find it thrilling. I brought the food home, picked up directions, and headed off to one of the food-buying opposites of Elmwood Stock Farm: Jungle Jim's International Market in Fairfield, Ohio.

Exotic fruits from Jungle Jim's, mangosteen and kaffir lime These exotic creatures traveled nearly 9000 miles, 529 times as far as Elmwood's vegetables, to help put the international in Jungle Jim's six acres of foods and goods. The dark fellows are mangosteens from Thailand. The little wrinkly green friend is a kaffir lime. It likely came from Southeast Asia as well.

For today, instead of fretting over food miles, I am simply amazed and grateful for the abundance in my world.