Local in spite of winter

Students, school staff, and growers in Beaufort County, North Carolina will enjoy more locally grown produce year-round, thanks to a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that will pay staff to flash-freeze ripe local produce in the summer for school meals in winter. This is the Beaufort that's pronounced "Bow-fort," unlike its cousin "Bew-fort" in South Carolina). Both are fine places.

Here in central Kentucky, local midwinter bounty from Elmwood Stock Farm's CSA and the sturdiness of the garlic, arugula, and herbs plugging along under snow keep us merry and bright. The Built-in Gardener had some trouble with cats in his double-dug garden beds last fall, so he invented some cat-deterring architecture: tomato cages laid on their sides. 

Elmwood Stock Farm is a Savoring Kentucky sponsor.