Kentucky Sorghum's Wonderfulness: The Podcast

Behold a recording, aka "podcast" of Episode 5 of Hot Water Cornbread: Kentucky Food Radio -- or at least behold a test to see what you, our cherished readers, may actually be able to hear (which will add to your title, but not your pay. You'll become our cherished readers and listeners if this works.) Email subscribers -- if the box or link don't work, click the title of the post and go directly to the website.

Curtis Congleton, left, and Randal Rock cook Country Rock Sorghum

Click the forward arrow on the left side of the black box we hope you see below. You will join this episode slightly after it began, because, as novices, your hosts started the show a little early, not realizing that recording had not yet begun. So much to learn. (What fun!)

If you see no black rectangular box, it is not your fault. It's just a sign that we are still in the primitive era of sharing types of media fluently and seamlessly across platforms.

It seems impossible to determine in advance if the podcast "engine," which is built into Savoring Kentucky's website platform, finds its way through the maze of technological handshakes and code sharing, including the use of a MailChimp integration, that we use regularly to deliver Savoring Kentucky by email to our treasured subscribers. We'll learn exactly when email subscribers do - on Thursday, October 29, 2015, at 10 AM ET. Eeeek!

In anticipation of success, please enjoy a talk with Randal Rock, national champion sorghum-maker at Country Rock Sorghum, plus a bit of other food chatter, courtesy of WLXL LP FM, a new, wonderful community radio broadcasting at 95.7 in Lexington Kentucky.

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