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"Home Sings Me Of Sweet Things..."

When your heart is a bit broken by parting from loved ones just visited, home had better step up. And home did.

So many ways, starting with a gift of 4th Street Farm eggs on the front porch. What a beautiful welcome home.

That's a reused carton that emphasized "Private Selection." And that's what the insides delivered: a collection of favorite gifts from Chicken, Clucky and the other faithful dears who live around the corner at 4th Street Farm.

We especially thank four-year old Chicken for the pale turquoise beauties.

Excerpt from "Home," written by Karla Bonoff and nailed in performance here by Bonnie Raitt. Forever.

Traveling at night, the headlights were bright
But soon the sun came through the trees
Around the next bend, the flowers will send
The sweet smell of home in the breeze
And home sings me of sweet things
My life there has its own wings
Fly over the mountains
Though I'm standing still

Full lyrics here.

Hat tip TK for help with identifying Karla Bonoff as the songwriter.



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