Growing Our Own

Seedleaf, our community's treasured group of the best, kindest, most patient, smartest people you'll ever meet, aims to "nourish communities by growing, cooking, sharing, and recycling food" toward an open-hearted and noble purpose: "so that we can increase the amount,  affordability, nutritional  value, and sustainability of  food available to people at risk of  hunger in central Kentucky. " Seedleaf has about eight years of experience now, and for half of those years, Seedeaf has graduated classes of young people from an inventive, in-depth cultivation effort called SEEDS.

For the 2013 graduation last week, SEEDS grads prepared zucchini muffins and fresh tomato salsa, joked with each other and with family, and several raised hands in response to the question, "How many of you have found jobs working with food?"

SEEDS, in other words, succeeds. SEEDS grads, with the benefit of hands-on coaching from experienced gardeners, cooks, composters, community leaders, and food system experts, are finding possible careers within the powerful world of food. Good food, local food, carefully grown food. We who live in this community, and in all the communities these young people will serve, get the benefits, starting now. 

This week, the New York Times reported that Jamaicans, as a matter of public policy, national pride, and necessity, are growing more of their own food. The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that a new, sustainable community gardening effort in Pikeville, Kentucky aims both to feed people, improve health, and stoke the region's economic potential. 

Seedleaf and its SEEDS initiative lead Lexington in this worldwide change to self-sufficiency. Thank them and and be part of this big turn toward health, economic strength, and self reliance:

  • Pitch in as part of their well-run, active volunteer program.
  • Hire SEEDS graduates for part-time work in your food business.
  • Recruit young people for next year's SEEDS class.
  • Donate money regularly—Seedleaf operates on less than a shoe string. More like a green bean string.
  • Get to know Seedleaf's Wish List, and reduce it for them. Especially if you happen to have an extra pickup truck you don't need!
Rona RobertsComment