Growing Our Eating Smarts

On each of the past two Sundays, the New York Times has run a powerful story including new knowledge about food, eating, and digestion. Michael Pollan's Some of My Best Friends are Germs brings together strands of research about just how much microbes are us. Reading this piece helped me understand the importance of eating to nourish and balance the many tiny life forms that contribute to our health—not that we know a whole lot, yet, about exactly what that diet would be. Pollan predicts a big role for Big Pharma in trying to help us get out guts right. This piece may change how you think about food and digestion.

Jo Robinson's Breeding the Nutrition Out of Our Food may influence what foods you choose to grow and buy. Agriculture, over centuries, has decreased the nutrients available in some of our plant foods. Takeaway: arugula and scallions are two good bets for close-to-original phyto-power.

A large, all-ages gathering inn downtown Lexington on Saturday, protesting against Monsanto, shows lots of people take food choices seriously. Some pictures follow.