Grief and Gooseberries

One of my life's best friends will be moving to Australia soon. Since I have known, I have dreaded, mourned, grieved—and tried to talk myself out all those behaviors. My beloved friend, inspiration and guide—important to so many in our place—is in good health! She's going to Australia to keep doing good work! She leaves parts of her very heart with us, a legacy of faith and goodness, rooted and fertile and growing!

Still, Sherry Maddock is a hard person to lose from daily life and neighboring. Yesterday I got a little help as I picked a small portion of the gooseberries on one single plant in the London Ferrill Community Garden and Orchard, a project Sherry envisioned and led to fruition—note the photo below—eight years ago. I realized, as I have with other griefs, that on the other side of grieving rests deep gratitude for the gift of a person's life. Sherry Maddock: these tart gooseberries helped me move toward that peace. You, the Minister of Gardening and your life and witness continue to work through one of your many works.

Rona RobertsComment