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Greater Without Gluten

When we want to "Try a Little Tenderness" with pastries, gluten free flours like rice and tapioca shine. I'm repeating myself, so we can move the conversation's focus from the home kitchen to the big, chewy world of bakeries. 

Until recently, aside from the rare bakery that happened to offer a coconut macaroon, I could count on two fingers the wheat-free pastries a gluten avoider could buy at a bakery in Lexington, Kentucky: wheat-free muffins at Good Foods Market, and macarons with one "o" at W&M Market, a legacy of the great Stella Parks's devotion to these perfect confections.

Earlier this year Midway School Bakery stepped into central Kentucky's gluten-free void and began offering a daily menu of gluten-free delights. The place itself is a treat.

Indoor coziness or outdoor patio with extended green view? Yes.

The real wonders, though, shine out from the special gluten-free case. Here's the savory scone of the day, for example, complete with lovely bits of country ham: 

I eat few sweets, but a bite of the particularly delicious brownie wowed me. Flavors of excellent chocolate step far forward, thanks to the delicate flours the Bakery uses. Or do they? Midway School Bakery's brownie could stand in for a flourless chocolate cake.  I didn't know how great it would be, and so only shot a peek of it, in a box with an excellent gluten-free chocolate chip cookie (back right) and a corn muffin.

I have yet to try the gluten-free loaves of bread that must be ordered 24 hours in advance. Coming soon. I'll be calling {859) 846 - 4336. 

Or maybe I'll be ordering a sandwich on Midway School Bakery's gluten-free bread at Windy Corner Market or Wallace Station Deli. Baker Carrie Warmbier's commitment to gluten-free excellence now makes the Bakery's sibling restaurants far more appealing to those of us who have trouble with today's wheat.

Of course Midway School Bakery makes many fresh, delicious baked goods of all kinds every day. The gluten-free options are a small portion of what's on offer—but what a mighty improvement.  

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