Welcome to TWO New Sponsors: Good Foods Market & Café and Incredible Food Show 2012

Incredible Food Show guests taste Boone Creek Creamery cheeses
Incredible Food Show guests taste Boone Creek Creamery cheeses
Good Foods Market co-hosts Veggin' Out At the Pool, 2012
Good Foods Market co-hosts Veggin' Out At the Pool, 2012

Savoring Kentucky happily welcomes two new sponsors today: Good Foods Market & Café, which turned a venerable 40 years old this year, and Incredible Food Show 2012, presented by Kentucky Proud, a robust youngster that will celebrate its fourth birthday on October 27 this year.

Above left, children and adults taste the wonderful flavors of Boone Creek Creamery's many classic and inventive cheeses during the 2011 Incredible Food Show. On the right, children and adults taste Kentucky goodness at the 2012 Veggin' Out At the Pool, which Good Foods co-produces, along with Lexington-Fayette Parks and Recreation, Lexington Farmers Market, and Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition.

All those red hyperlinks above give a little hint of the depth of our two new sponsors' engagement with many others in the community and state who are working to build a locally based, sustainable food system. Good Foods, a member-owned cooperative open daily from 8 AM to 10 PM, serves as a market for more than 250 local producers. Taste food from seven of those producers at the July 7 Eat Local Celebration, followed on July 27 by a spectacular, limited seating Eat Local Dinner, a "gastro journey" showcasing 10 local producers, including two local brewers.

At the Incredible Food Show, everything happens at once, on one BIG Kentucky food day. This year that day is October 27. The Show combines expert cooking and food preservation seminars, celebrity chef appearances, a food-centric bookstore, excellent Sullivan University cooking demonstrations from a professional stage, and a large marketplace featuring dozens of Kentucky food and wine producers. Food Network star Tyler Florence will come to Lexington for two presentations in Rupp Arena on October 27, 2012.

Incredible Food Show and Good Foods both work toward goals dear to Savoring Kentucky's heart. We value tasting more than talking, and both new sponsors make sure good Kentucky food gets onto forks and into mouths. The celebratory nature of Incredible Food Show shines a bright light on Kentucky food's excellence. Good Foods—steady, persistent, well-managed, evolving—makes sure those foods are available year-round.

These two sponsors also work together. In the photo below, Good Foods ambassadors Pat Wylie and Danielle Dove wow patrons visiting the Good Foods booth at the 2011 Incredible Food Show.

Pat Wylie and Danielle Dove of Good Foods at the Incredible Food Show
Pat Wylie and Danielle Dove of Good Foods at the Incredible Food Show

Savoring Kentucky and all of its sponsors have a long history of mutual support and encouragement. These sponsors are worth your support too, because of the goodness they contribute to our community, state, and nation every day.

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Savoring Kentucky savors this day, with its opportunity to add two old friends to the group of sponsors we cherish:

Alfalfa Restaurant

Debra's Social $timulus

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Windy Corner Market

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