Good News About Urban Self-Reliance

It's not even going to require neon grow-lights. Urban areas can grow MUCH much more food for their populations than had been previously thought. From Local Food Is Still a Niche. Can It Grow Beyond That? by Ezra David Romero for NPR:

"If you drew a 100-mile circle around each city in the U.S. and then you looked at the capacity of the existing farmland, you'd find that 90 percent of the people could be fed within those circles," says Elliott Campbell, an associate professor of environmental engineering at U.C. Merced who co-authored the study.

Check out the map included in this story about the study (abstract available) to see what percentage of your food can be produced locally, according to estimates by its authors.

Not everyone agrees. Not even close. But if these researchers are even 30 percent right, how wonderful for our health and our local and urban regional food economies.

Rona RobertsComment