Going Right On: Kentucky Crafted: The Market

Kentucky Crafted: The Market? With one tiny two-hour adjustment, The Market at Lexington Convention Center proceeds in spite of snow, sleet, ice, and Arctic air. Friday, March 6 is for wholesale buyers; doors open at 11 AM instead of 9 AM.

The next two days, Saturday and Sunday, when it will be warmer? All of you, everyone, come and see the beauty Kentucky hands create. [Saturday (9 AM - 7 PM) and Sunday (10 AM - 5 PM)]

I'll be in the food section, booth 509, with Country Rock Sorghum/Bluegrass Maple Syrup and my two books, which include lots of focus on sorghum and sweeteners that farms and farmers produce independently (or interdependently with friends and neighbors.) "Sweetening" facts, history, recipes, self-sufficiency—all these have fascinated me as I've worked on books about Kentucky's natural cuisine.

Now we can add (back) Kentucky maple syrup as well,  piped from Kentucky trees to you thanks to Bluegrass Maple Syrup (Country Rock people with a different name) and others. Books and sweetness. We'll see you there.

Rona RobertsComment