In Addition To Seed Catalogs, CSA Options Beckon Lexingtonians To West Sixth Brewing (Or Was It The...Kombucha?)

It's literally hard to remember Lexington before West Sixth Brewing opened. Where did people meet? Do free yoga? Refresh themselves after group runs? Watch important sports contests? Drink a wide array of acclaimed beers with family and friends?

Photo credit: Grace Carson. Used with permission. Thank you!

Photo credit: Grace Carson. Used with permission. Thank you!

Beyond West Sixth's seismic impact on local beer-drinking patterns—and now on my fledgling kombucha habit—the men who looked at a deserted bread factory on a neglected corner in northwest Lexington envisioned a place that builds community. They have delivered an incomparable Third Place.  I've been to baby and wedding showers in the Beer Garden, campaign kickoffs and town hall meetings in the Barrel Room, fund- and friend-raisers for many nonprofit groups, game nights, election night watches, award ceremonies and inventive civic brainstorming sessions that use both spaces.

Last week, Farm to You drew hundreds of people to the Barrel Room to meet 16 local and regional food producers who are offering Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscriptions for 2016 to vegetables, flowers, homemade bread, microgreens, eggs, chicken and meats. These 16 producers offered potential customers an abundance of beautiful options:

Bluegrass Farm to Table, Fayette County Cooperative Extension and the Center for Crop Diversification hosted this fine event. West Sixth Brewing made the space and made it fun. For many of us, Smithtown Seafood, the sumptuous onsite restaurant that showcases ingredients grown at the inventive urban aquaponics farm FoodChain, also onsite, made it scrumptious.

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