FoodChain and GleanKY, With Help From Friends, Lead Us into A New Local Food Era

Savoring Kentucky, like any normal being, likes being in on good things from the beginning. FoodChain has dazzled us with its vision and persistence since its beginning as an idea in the brilliant mind and heart of Becca Self.



For four years Becca has led a skilled staff, a good board, and lots of committed volunteers in discovering how to produce premium greens and premium fish together in a symbiotic, locally engineered aquaponics farm in formerly abandoned industrial space. She has worked with staff and volunteers during many past months to launch the education component of FoodChain with young students and to meet, eat and collaborate with near neighbors. 

The William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust noticed. Last week FoodChain and GleanKY announced a substantial investment from the Trust, which helps make it possible for FoodChain to construct a planned teaching and processing kitchen, with GleanKY as a crucial partner. GleanKY has proven it is feasible to harvest and use local food that would otherwise be wasted. The partnership between FoodChain and GleanKY means that less than perfect produce from nearby farms will reach FoodChain's new kitchen, benefiting farms and farm families, eaters, and participants in FoodChain's classes and job development initiatives. 

Read more here: FoodChain adding kitchen to teach food processing, cooking, by Janet Patton

Listen to Becca Self describing the new gift and its impact when she appeared on Hot Water Cornbread: Kentucky Food Radio with chefs Ouita and Chris Michel earlier this week.

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