Pick A Little, Play a Little

So many farm-based activities are coming up in the next few days. Some farms invite you to help harvest corn. Others open their farm gates so the beauty of harvest season reaches more people. 

October 14, 2-7 PM and October 15, 12 - 3 PM: Sunflower Sundries in Mt. Olivet hosts its 25th Anniversary celebration: one part corn-picking; and then "live music and food and contests and walks and hanging out," says Jennifer Gleason. She and Jim Lally just bought a new (to them) corn picker that will change their harvests: it's a one row corn picker, made in the 1940s, that came with its original manual. Jennifer sent this photo of the cover.

Photo credit: Jennifer Gleason. Thank you!

Photo credit: Jennifer Gleason. Thank you!

Savoring Kentucky applauds Sunflower Sundries' exquisite jams, mustards, pickles, heirloom cornmeal, grits, hominy, Hickory King Collective corn chips (now including salt free!), and their fine and useful handmade soaps. Good Foods Coop carries most of these products, and they are available online.

In addition to running their farm, store and business, Jennifer and Jim make wonderful contributions to their community and to our state, adding beauty through poetry and art, and nurturing community spirit with festivals and gatherings. Savoring Kentucky salutes Sunflower Sundries. 25 years is a powerful accomplishment.

October 14 1 - 5 PM: Salamander Springs Farm holds its annual Corn Husking Party, featuring an heirloom corn harvest and husking, followed by a bonfire, potluck and music. 

October 15 2 - 4 PM: Family Farm Fun Day at certified organic Lazy Eight Stock Farm in Paint Lick.

October 18, 9 - 11 AM Certified organic Elmwood Stock Farm in Scott County hosts "From the Ground Up," the final farm tour of the year. Tickets here.

October 18, 6 PM: Smithtown Seafood and West Sixth Brewing offer authentic Puerto Rican food and a specially crafted beer, with all proceeds going to help with seeds and farm supplies for a non-profit market and restaurant, El Departamento De La Comida, that promotes sustainable farming and food access. Smithtown sous chef Agnes Marrero Rosa, who is from Puerto Rico, knows the organization's founder, Tara Rodriguez Besosa. More here.

This same weekend, October 13-15, Good Foods Coop institutes a new option for getting farmers' organic foods to consumers at affordable prices. The Truck Load Sale features organic packaged foods in cases—plus avocados. 

Last, something to consider: indoor farming on a massive scale in the Netherlands: This Tiny Country Feeds the World.

Our lives depend on farmers, farms and farming. And the farmers depend on us.

Sponsors included in this post: Elmwood Stock Farm, Good Foods Coop and Smithtown Seafood--Thank you!

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