Eggs and Egginess

From one, many. That might be eggs' international motto, the opposite of our sorely tested "E Pluribus Unum," from many, one.  With eggs in the house, everyone from beginning cooks to master chefs can make myriad lovely dishes. Eggs in the house means nourishing food can reach the table in mere minutes.

Reasons to keep eggs in your house and, if you have the right conditions and the interest, hens in your backyard

  • Perfect, simple two-ingredient egg salad

  • Homemade Blender Mayonnaise—you control the source of the eggs, the type of oil, the amount of salt, the add-ins, and you do it all in five minutes

  • Scrambled eggs, a food five-year olds can learn to cook, with your help

  • Boiled eggs, either hard, soft, middlin', or poached outside their shells: favorite foods of kids and adults alike. Eggs cooked whole, one way or the other (see 13 different ways here) light up a good broth. They are fun to slice. They lead to deviled eggs—ooh la la!.

  • Egg drop soup or avgolemono soup take minutes and delight for hours.

  • And for dessert, or maybe breakfast? Big Dutch Babies!



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